Cold weather spells trouble for seniors


November 30, 2011

Cold weather spells trouble for seniorsThe impending winter months bring about new challenges for seniors living on their own. From cold weather and slippery streets to the development of colds and the flu, the changes in the weather truly bring out dangerous obstacles for the elderly, the Drogheda-Independent reports.

"Slipping and falling is a major risk for elderly people whose bones are more brittle," Dr. Peter Finnegan, a public health doctor, told the publication.

To avoid falls that can be fatal, Finnegan suggests that neighbors and family members help out by clearing walkways and driveways of snow and ice so older adults have an easier time getting around. He also suggests that seniors themselves need to take safety precautions when venturing outside.

"Older people should be especially careful when they go out in icy conditions," he told the news outlet. "They should make sure they don't walk with their hands in their pockets and should wear boots or shoes with non-slip soles or get special grippers to put on to their footwear."

Those aging in place might want to install a senior alert system into their homes as an added precaution in areas across the nation that are prone to snow and dropping temperatures. This wearable device allows the elderly to go out to get their paper or perform any other chores with the ability to push the button for help if they do fall.