Class helps seniors use new technology

Alan Wu

November 15, 2010

A new business, Net Crackers, has started in the Niagara Falls, New York, area that is meant to help older adults use computers and stay connected with their families, according to The Niagara Gazette.

Founder Kim Tomaszewski acknowledges that there is a digital divide between generations that has left many seniors feeling disconnected. "I call it e-exclusion," she told the news provider. "There is a digital divide… It's almost like not being able to read and write."

However, with a few lessons, she has helped individuals share photos with their distant loved ones. Skype, the video chatting service, has also proven to be popular, as it allows family members to contact one another from any location.

This can be particularly helpful for seniors who are living independently and want to stay in touch with family or friends who they don't often see. Many photographs have become digital, which can make it hard for one to see if they don't have a computer of their own.

Older adults who are looking to safely age at home may also want to invest in a personal emergency response system. This device can allow users to immediately contact neighbors or doctors if they are in need of medical assistance.

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