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Pre-onset Alzheimer’s test could become a reality

Researchers in the United Kingdom believe that they may have found an early diagnosis test to check for Alzheimer's symptoms far sooner than ever before, according to the BBC....

December 27, 2010

Jasmine Phu

Ensure the safety of an Alzheimer’s patient with a senior alert system

A new report released by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PHRMA) has revealed that there are 98 new medicines either undergoing clinical trials or being reviewed by ...

November 1, 2010

Lisa Wurth

Hospitals create senior specific ER rooms

In what appears to be a plan to accommodate aging baby boomers, as well as other seniors, hospitals in Michigan are designing senior-specific emergency rooms, complete with features such as ...

October 27, 2010

Alan Wu

Learn to make the most of a doctor’s appointment

Many older adults enter the doctor's office and are hesitant to ask any questions that extend beyond formalities. However, not being open with concerns can have consequences down the road. ...

October 20, 2010

Bay Alarm Medical

22,000 seniors left in the cold by Harvard Pilgrim

The second-largest health insurance provider of Massachusetts, Harvard Pilgrim, has announced that it will end coverage for those who are subscribed to its Medicare Advantage plan at the end...

September 29, 2010

Alan Wu

Oregon faces healthcare crisis with aging population

OregonLive.com reports that Clark County, Oregon, is now facing an unprecedented health crisis due to the amount of retiring baby boomers in the region....

September 21, 2010

Bay Alarm Medical

Independent hospitals struggling against healthcare reform

USA Today reports that some of the facilities that are most affected by the Obama administration's healthcare reform are independent or community hospitals that aren't part of a chain, becau...

September 15, 2010


Network launched as a resource for senior citizens

The Lutheron Homes of Michigan have launched the Aging Enriched Network, an initiative that provides resources for baby boomers and senior citizens who need answers to practical questions ab...

September 14, 2010


Hospital plans senior-specific emergency room

One hospital has taken steps to accommodate the growing senior population in Canada by designing an emergency room that caters specifically to to senior citizens, according to The Times Hera...

September 2, 2010


New online guide helps assess dementia

The Alzheimer's Association estimates that there are approximately 11 million Americans across the country who are providing unpaid care for patients who suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Th...

September 1, 2010

Lisa Wurth

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