Caregiving usually falls to one sibling


March 15, 2011

A new survey conducted by a group known as The Boomer Project has found that caregiving responsibilities generally fall to one child, rather than being split evenly by all the siblings. Just under half of those polled (41 percent) said that a single family member performed the bulk of these duties.

"If you have become the primary caregiver and it's getting to be too much, make sure your siblings know that you need help," the report's authors write, the news source reports.

Those who are feeling overwhelmed may want to install a senior alert system in a home as well. This device enables older adults to instantly send a medical alert to caregivers, which in turn may allow one some peace of mind.

The report found that another significant problem was one sibling dominating the caregiving discourse on what to do with an elderly parent. One woman detailed the battle that she and her three siblings had to go through in order to prevent her other brother from putting her mother in a nursing home, The Vancouver Sun reports.

After lawyers became involved, the mother was placed in a retirement living facility and the relationship with the brother was ruined.