Caregivers invited to tell their stories


September 30, 2011

Caregivers can use technology to help Alzheimer's patientsThe 11th annual story competition, titled "What Makes Caregiving Rewarding," will begin on November 30, and caregivers are invited to enter and submit their story of proving home care. The competition, which was created by Shield HealthCare, a medical supplies company, has asked Sandra Mitchell of CBS 2 News, in California, to be the guest judge.

Caregivers often experience stress and great challenges. While it can be extremely difficult to provide aid for a loved one, the experience is also often filled with rewards. Caregivers who think they have a story to share can enter the competition, in hopes of receiving $1,000 in American Express Gift Checks as well as a 1-year subscription to Today's Caregiver Magazine. Three stories will take grand prizes, while there will be 5 runner-ups who receive $250 in gift cards and a magazine subscription.

While sharing your story with others may help relieve some of the stress and anxiety associated with providing care, there are other methods to improving one's life as a caregiver. For instance, medical alert systems can help caregivers relax, knowing that their parent or loved one will be safe, even when they aren't around.