Caregivers can find free time with a medical alert system


November 3, 2010

A recent survey conducted by Humana has found that millions of baby boomers who are caring for older parents put their health second and sacrifice much of their own time in order to properly attend to their responsibilities.

While 81 percent of the 1,000 boomer participants claimed that they felt their efforts were appreciated, they also reported being exhausted, with one in three saying they felt helpless.

Over half (63 percent) of these caretakers were found to have dedicated much less time to personal hobbies and interests, while 43 percent stated that they had even given up on social activities as a consequence of their duties.

"People who ignore their personal well-being are often fine at first," said Jean Bisio, president of Humana Cares. "But over time the impact on one's personal health can be seen in weight gain, fatigue, and stress-related illness."

Expenses seemed to be another issue, with 36 percent of those surveyed saying that they had spent some of their personal savings to provide care.

Caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed may want to install a medical alert system in a residence, so that a senior can immediately send a personal emergency response message if they are in need of assistance. This can allow adult children to leave the house and engage in activities outside of caregiving, while knowing that a parent is safe.