Caregiver turns responsibility into job


January 31, 2011

After 30 years of service, Mark Stanley lost his job at a cement and concrete company, but he didn't lose hope, according to The Coloradoan. However, while he lived off his severance pay and wife's income, Stanley faced further strain when his mother, Betty, moved in with him. She has multiple sclerosis and required his care, because she was unable to live alone.

One device that can help those who are watching over a senior with a similar condition is a medical alarm. Older adults who are living alone can use their device to instantly send a medical alert if they need assistance from a family member.

Stanley became inspired by his own caregiving experiences to show support for an organization that aims to help households that are struggling to provide for a senior – Home Helpers. This service gives non-medical assistance to older adults who are unable to perform daily tasks on their own.

In fact, after Stanley invested most of his savings into one franchise of Home Helpers, he was able to help Betty move back to her own home.

"It's wonderful. [The caretakers] help so much because of things that I can't do alone," she told the news provider.