7 Breast Cancer Awareness Products For Women

Carli De La Cruz

October 14, 2014

breast cancer awareness shopping bag with pink ribbon.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and there are a myriad of ways you can help with spreading Breast Cancer Awareness. One of the most common ways that Americans choose to show their support is by shopping for a cause.

These products look great and definitely help start conversations around Breast Cancer. However, one problem that arises with these products is that their use is limited by the appropriate time and place for them (October). After that they tend to be discarded for items more appropriate for everyday wear.

Thus we have crafted a list of breast cancer awareness items that you’ll want to use over and over again. We measured this by utility (You can wear or use it multiple times), price (Won’t break the bank), and style (It’s functional and stylish). Without further adieu, here are the products that made our list.

1.) Dick’s Sporting Goods Sport Your Support

breast cancer awareness nike shoe

Photo courtesy of dickssportinggoods.com.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has a great line of products right now that are geared towards promoting Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA). They’ve got everything from sweat guards, sweatshirts, workout clothes, to tennis shoes that you’re sure to love. The best part about these products is that they will look great all year round.

Right now they’re even offer free shipping on BCA support products as well. Check it out now here!

2.) Bobbi Brown Gloss For a Cause

breast cancer awareness bobbi brown lipglosses.

Photo courtesy of macy’s.com.

These Bobbi Brown award-winning glosses in various shades of pink couldn’t be anymore glamorous. Brown is donating $12 of every sale on this limited edition set to the Breast Cancer Awareness Research Foundation.

This product is great because lipgloss is so versatile. We’re sure you’ll find many occasions to wear these, and if you’re not a lipgloss fan they would also make a great gift for another lovely lady in your life. You can snag a set at Macy’s.com.

3.) Pink Ribbon Reusable Tote Bag

breast cancer awareness tote bag.

Photo courtesy of pinkribbonshop.com.

Now with state laws tightening on plastic bag use in stores, reusable tote bags are becoming more of a necessity than a fashion statement. You are sure to get a lot of use out this in transporting your groceries from the store to your home, or doing some shopping at your local mall. Why not look great while doing so? This reusable tote is sturdy and fashionable.

You can purchase this bag and others like it from The Pink Ribbon Shop online. The site is run by a woman who has battled breast cancer for over 12 years. All purchases go towards supporting various breast cancer charities that assist cancer patients, help fund breast cancer research, and educate others on early detection practices.

4.) Yosi Samra For A Cure

yosi samra breast cancer awareness products.

Picture courtesy of yosisamra.com

Now this is a real treat. This company, Yosi Samra, makes travel-happy foldable designer ballet flats. These ballet flats have colorful rubber padding at the bottom for traction and comfort. They are highly touted in the fashion world since they’re comfortable for all-day use and durable enough for everyday wear.

The Yosi Samra flats come with solid built-in support and as a bonus you can customize them with your initials. How cool is that? From Oct 1 – Oct 31 2014, 25% off all their sales will be donated to the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation. Check out their pink styles here.

5.) Conair Power of Pink Collection

breast cancer awareness conair hair product line.

Photo courtesy of conair.com.

Conair is offering a whole line of hair products like curlers, heat irons, and blow dryers to promote breast cancer awareness. They’ve partnered up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help them fund their life-saving research to eradicate the disease in our lifetime.

You simply can’t go wrong with hair products, and the Conair brand is known to be affordable and long-lasting. See the full lineup here.

6.) Sephora Shop Pink Collection

breast cancer awareness products sephora,

Photo courtesy of sephora.com.

Sephora is currently offering a Shop Pink Collection online. All sales will go towards supporting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The great thing about shopping at Sephora is that you can shop many different brands in one place, and lots of brands are participating in spreading breast cancer awareness. To see more go here.

7.) BONUS! For the Senior in Your Life: Medline Folding Walker

breast cancer awareness walker

Photo courtesy of target.com.

This one is great for an elderly person in your life who uses a walker. It’s a beautifully designed walker that comes with the pink breast cancer ribbon featured on it. It’s got a nice-sized storage basket on it so it’s ideal for shopping trips and everyday errands.

You can purchase one from Target.com. This is just one in their series of BCA products. They have many great BCA offerings ranging from yoga mats to useful office supplies.

What’s on your list of products to shop? We hope we’ve given you some great ideas and brands to shop to help spread breast cancer awareness this month!

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