Boomers need to do more to stay fit with age


November 21, 2011

Exercise may improve seniors' memory skillsAs 60 is starting to become the new 40, more boomers are feeling good and living it up. However, a new study from Excellus also found that many could be at risk of health problems in the future if they don't start taking care of their bodies now, the Observer-Dispatch reports.

Dr. Frank Dubeck, chief medical officer at Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield, found that many are not doing enough to keep their health intact as they age. However, Dubeck adds that those willing to make a commitment to start a new lifestyle today can see positive results.

According to Dubeck, boomers first need to see their doctors to help figure out the best plan of action in terms of any supplements they may need to start taking or any physical aliments they should be aware of before making lifestyle changes.

Next, seniors need to put down the junk food and pick up the fruits and vegetables. Revamping a diet can help a senior lose weight and also help keep their heart healthy by lowering the chances of having high blood pressure and more. Although this may be challenging, it can all be fun as seniors can take up cooking as retirement hobby.

Starting a new workout routine can also ensure boomers stay flexible and strong with age. Although all of these changes can help seniors in the long run, it won't keep them safe from falls while they age in place. To combat this, those living at home may want to install a medical alert system as an added precaution in case of an emergency.