Boomers focus on staying fit for golden years


February 23, 2011

It's early in the morning, but 63-year-old Krystal Ashling is already up and doing a 400-meter sprint, pull-ups and sit-ups, according to The Oregonian. She is determined to stay fit as she ages and her perseverance highlights what is becoming a boomer trend in active aging.

"I've pretty much always been a runner and I wanted to get better at that," she told the news source. "I can dead-lift 170 pounds now. My grandson thinks it's great."

Belinda Balogh has designed a special place with these boomers in mind – Baby Boomer Fitness Solutions. Most gym-goers there are between 50 and 70 years old. Balogh teaches yoga, pilates strength and flexibility.

She also teaches a boomer boot camp to help older adults get back into shape for their golden years. Her main goal is to help these individuals improve core strength,which can help reduce back pain.

These exercises can be a key to reducing one's fall risk as well. Boomers interested in aging at home may want to additionally invest in a medical alert system. This device can be used to send an instant personal emergency response message to doctors.

"Boomers aren't ready to become seniors," Balogh told the news source. "They see what older people and their parents are doing and they don't want to slow down too much."