Book details the experience of a mother moving into a family’s home

Alan Wu

May 17, 2011

A book written by Tom Dyke, Momma Moves In, tackles a subject that may be familiar to many baby boomers – an elderly parent moving in to live with the family. His 84-year-old mother came to his home and lived there for the rest of her life. 

Dyke had married and divorced. He practiced law. He had raised six children and started a few businesses. While this made him think that he was ready for anything, he didn't realize that looking after his mother would be one of the most difficult challenges he had to tackle.

He admits that he wasn't prepared for the responsibilities that would meet him day after day, and that the caregiver learning curve was steep for the first two years.

Families in similar situations may want to consider installing a senior alert system in their homes, because this device enables users to immediately send a medical alert if they suffer an unexpected injury and require immediate assistance.

Nowadays, Dyke focuses on implementing resources that can be helpful to other baby boomers who find themselves taking care of aging parents. Mama Moves has become an extensive online database for the latest information about senior caregiving.