BayMed & Bombas Give Away Socks For Seniors

BayMed & Bombas Give Away Socks For Seniors

December 8, 2014

As we get further into the holiday season, the cold chill of winter nips at our skin. Our breath crystallizes before us. We bundle up for warmth by layering scarves on top of coats, coats on top of sweaters, sweaters on top of thermals, and of course thick pants, socks, and shoes to keep out the cold.

homeless woman and child begging in the snow.

The wintertime is an especially challenging time for the homeless or needy. During the winter, those who are frequently exposed to the elements can be subjected to Extreme Cold. The CDC defines Extreme Cold as any time that the “temperature drops decidedly below normal as wind speed increases [causing] heat to leave the body more quickly.”

Extreme Cold can increase our risk for hypothermia, frostbite and death. Help us and Bombas provide warm socks and care to the needy this holiday season!

Who Bombas Is & What They’re Doing

You may have heard of Bombas on ABC’s hit show, Sharktank.

We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with Bombas, a crowd-funded athletic sock retailer with a noble mission of donating socks to the needy. Their platform is simple, yet effective: for each pair of socks purchased, one pair is donated. In just over a year, they’ve donated 150,000 pairs of socks to those in need.

The founders of Bombas, Randy Goldberg and David Heath, say their inspiration for starting the company came from the notion that socks are the single most needed item of clothing at homeless shelters.

Bombas is not your average sock retailer. They’ve spent years on product development to create a more durable, bacteria-resistant sock to better withstand the wear-and-tear that occurs while living on the streets.

Meals on Wheels San Francisco

We’ve purchased socks from Bombas to give away to our customers with their orders placed during the holiday season (while supplies last). Our sock donation from this purchase will be going towards our neighborhood Meals on Wheels, Meals on Wheels of San Francisco (MOWSF); more specifically to their Socks 4 Seniors program.

Every year in December MOWSF holds an Annual Holiday Gift Drive. During this event, they present holiday giftbags to each and every one of the homebound seniors that they serve. This year, the gifts include handwrapped gifts from volunteers and a pair of warm socks.

We are proud to support the great work MOWSF is doing by donating over 1000+ Bombas socks to the Socks 4 Seniors program.

Further Information

  • For more on our charity initiatives, please give us a call at 1-877-522-9633 today.
  • For more on Bombas, go here.
  • For more on Meals on Wheels Socks 4 Seniors program, go here.
  • Get your FREE socks here while supplies last.
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