BAM Annual Awards Ceremony 2015: Recognizing What Matters

Carli De La Cruz

January 31, 2015

If you are reading this, you may have come to learn that Bay Alarm Medical (BAM) is a customer-focused company. The satisfaction of our customers is of paramount importance to us.

We know that happy employees = happy customers. Every year we host our annual awards ceremony to reward the hard work of our employees. To select our award winners, we focus on the quality of work our employees have done to support our customers over the phone, online, and in-person.

Stick around to meet our team and see who made the cut this year!

Billing Representative of the Year

We added a fully-staffed Billing Department over the past year to better meet our customers’ needs in terms of paying bills, updating credit cards, and answering any billing questions or concerns our callers may have. This award was very special to us since it’s the first time we’ve had one.

Here is our Billing Manager, Lisa, introducing our winner.

Our Billing Representative of the Year Winner was Anna. If you call our Billing Department on any given day, or even the Customer Care Department, you may find yourself speaking with her. She was chosen for always going above and beyond her job description to make sure that every caller is helped promptly and accurately.

By herself, Anna took over 6,000 billing calls in 2014.

Here’s Anna giving her acceptance speech.


Warehouse Technician of the Year

Next up, was our Warehouse Technician of the Year Award. This one you might already have some idea about. These employees are hardworking individuals who strive to do their best each day to make sure that all our orders get shipped out as quickly as possible.

That includes making sure that any medical alert accessories that were ordered are carefully packed and shipped, and that any other specifications our customers make to their orders are taken care of. They also work hard to activate and test every single medical alert unit before it’s sent out.

Here is our Operations Manager, Jasmine, presenting the Warehouse Technician of the Year Award and announcing our winner.

The employee selected for this award was Warehouse Lead, William. William began his journey at BAM as a dedicated Customer Care Representative. He was wonderful on the phone helping customers, but had bigger dreams of reshaping our entire warehouse operations.

We happily gave him a shot, and he has done nothing but great things for our warehouse in his new role. We now have a smooth and streamlined shipment process. We feel confident with William at the helm of our warehouse.

William processed over 5,000 orders and handled 1,281 Tech Support calls in 2014.

Here he is accepting his award.

Customer Care Representative of the Year

Our Customer Care Team Members have to wear many hats – Tech Support, Billing, and Data Entry, just to name a few. They do everything they can to ensure the happiness of our customers. They answer questions, handle any changes to our customers’ emergency contact lists or emergency protocols, and help with account billing updates and inquiries.

Once again, here is Jasmine, who does double-duty as our Customer Care Manager. She’s presenting the Customer Care Representative of the Year Award.

The employee who earned this award was Albert. Albert is always kind, compassionate, and caring towards each and every caller that he encounters. He’s almost never seen without a smile on his face.

Albert handled 4,120 Customer Service calls in 2014.

Here he is giving his acceptance speech.


Care Consultant of the Year

After that, we moved onto our Care Consultant of the Year Award. This is a very distinguished award as our consultants are the first point of contact with our customers.

When it comes to sales, our philosophy is simple; we only sell to those who need it. That sounds clear enough, but what it really means is that we actually turn away some callers who are interested in our services – maybe they already have 24 hour care, or the person who they want to purchase the service for is not comfortable with using this kind of system, or we find out that their phone service may not work reliably with our system.

The team’s most important job is to conduct thorough consultations with each and every customer to find the best fit for the individual.

Here is our Sales & Marketing Manager, Alan, presenting the Sales Representative of the Year Award.

The employee who received the award this year was Rachel. Rachel has been with Bay Alarm Medical for almost 3 years now. Rachel is a kind, friendly representative who always takes care of her customers very well. We only hear raving customer comments about her excellent service, like this:

“Rachel, your phone representative, was wonderful. I had lots of questions and information. Rachel was very patient, friendly and knowledgeable. Along with all of the reviews I have researched, and if your phone representative is an example of your company, I have found the perfect company for my Mom. I think people like Rachel are a real asset to your company. Thank you.”
– India B, OR

Rachel is also a strong team player, always willing to jump into Customer Service queue to help the team avoid having customers wait on hold. She’s truly an asset to this organization.

Rachel closed nearly 2,500 sales for BAM in 2014.

Here’s Alan giving the award to Rachel along with a hug (aww!).


The Golden Button

Our last, and biggest, award of the night is our Golden Button Award. This prestigious award represents the employee of the year based on peer nomination. This person goes above and beyond for their customers and in their interactions with their co-workers.

Here is General Manager, Kevin, reading the winning nomination. The nomination emphasized this employee’s drive to succeed, how well respected she is by her peers, and her ability to motivate the team with her positive can-do attitude.

This year that special honor went to Lisa, our Billing Manager. Over the past year, Lisa has implemented many new billing processes for our team to be able to respond to billing inquiries faster and more efficiently.

Here’s Lisa accepting her award.

Once again, we owe our thanks to you, our customers, partners, and readers for making this all possible. You make us want to do our best every day.

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