Baby boomers should recognize signs of dementia

Alan Wu

January 27, 2011

Recent research has indicated that up to a quarter of baby boomers don't recognize significant signs of Alzheimer's disease, which can contribute to a delayed diagnosis, according to California's The Acorn.

Dementia can be a dangerous disease when undiagnosed as one caregiver who chose only to go by her first name, Alicia, told the news source. After her mother suffered a fall and started showing changes in behavior, Alicia started getting suspicious.

"It wasn't anything I could put my finger on," she told the news provider. "Then I started to put two and two together – the poor judgment Mom demonstrated that led to her fall and now this."

Many family caregivers may be suffering through the same ordeal. Older adults who are still cognizant but may need extra help could benefit from a senior alert system, because this device can allow them to immediately contact family or doctors.

The news source recommends that any children who suspect a parent may have Alzheimer's should administer a simple test. Ask a senior to draw a clock with the hands pointing to a specific time. If the illustration is not done properly, it may be indicative of deeper cognitive difficulties.