Baby boomers expected to suffer from hearing loss

Bryan Aldrige

March 21, 2011

Millions of Americans across the country suffer from some type of hearing loss and, largely due to the rock music they enjoyed in their youth, this problem is expected to be very common among baby boomers in the coming years. 

A recent study conducted at Johns Hopkins University has found that more than 60 percent of adults over the age of 70 currently have hearing loss. The issue may be complicated by the fact that only one-fifth of Americans who have the condition use hearing aids.

"Baby boomers are going to look to technology to fix the problem," audiologist Kenneth Henry told USA Today. "[While] hearing aid technology has become incredibly sophisticated, these devices cannot compensate fully for the exquisite processing and temporal resolution of the ear."

Medical alert devices may become more common for older adults as they look to age safely and independently as well. These products can be used to instantly send a personal emergency response message if one needs assistance.

Henry recommends that those who are worried about their ear health should turn down the volume and visit an audiologist to get their hearing checked, the news source reports.