Baby boomer shares predictions for future

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November 12, 2010

On January 1, 2011, baby boomers will begin to turn 65 at a rate of one every eight seconds. This trend will continue for the next 19 years and the United States may have to change to accommodate them.

Matt Thornhill, an expert on the generation, recently held a lecture for more than 200 attendees and told the crowd what he expected to happen in the near future. First, however, he noted that boomers weren’t going to turn elderly, because they will still be very young in their hearts.

“Baby boomers aren’t worried about the problems of aging,” Thornhill said. “They’re looking at the promise of aging.”

Some of the more pronounced changes he expects to see are mostly focused on health conditions like obesity and chronic diseases. He suggests that these will have to be met with new healthcare solutions, because so many boomers want to age in their own homes.

One device that can help older adults live safely and independently in their golden years is a medical alarm system. This device can be used to send a personal emergency response message to family members or doctors if assistance is required. And take advantage of those senior citizen discounts that are widely available in daily life.

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