Asking a boss for time off for caretaking duties

Kevin Magna

September 24, 2010

Baby boomers who are trying to juggle a career and caretaking responsibilities for older parents are far from alone, and it can be a delicate balancing act for boomers to still give their best at both home and the workplace.

In a recent advice column, CNN's Anne Fisher cited a survey conducted by the Hartford Financial Services Group and consulting firm ComPsych that found that 46.9 percent of boomers who are taking care of their parents are also worried about how it is affecting their work in the office.

While many employers have adjusted to their employees' needs, Fisher claims that others have been resistant to the idea of schedule flexibility, even if the caretaker offers to make up for the lost time.

She suggests writing a list of a boss's concerns, so workers can propose how they can solve each problem. Conferences can be done with Skype and it can be easy to keep in touch with e-mail or other messaging software.

Baby boomers who are being affected by caretaking duties may also want to invest in a senior alert system. By installing this device in a home, children can make sure that their parents always have a way to contact them in an emergency.