As seniors move, woman sees opportunity

Kevin Magna

May 25, 2011

When Sharon Rossmark's mother passed away and her father moved to a different apartment, she was left to her own devices when it came to her parents' house, according to Reuters. At first, the responsibilities appeared to be an overwhelming burden. 

"My parents had been in their house for 50 years – they never got rid of anything," Rossmark told the publication. "They were keepers and had a lot of memorabilia from our childhood and so forth."

However, Rossmark quickly jumped into action and started a business to deal with the issue. Using online websites such as eBay, she managed to find people who were interested in all of the things her parents had left behind.

Families who are struggling to figure out how to best deal with a parent's old home may also want to consider safeguarding a new one. Installing an elderly alert system in a senior's home enables users to immediately send a medical alert to a call center.

Experts suggest that the transition from an old home can be a difficult one for many older adults. Suggest taking pictures of treasured possessions that can't make the trip, so that older adults have a photo album of their items. 

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