Are you wondering how to be a caregiver from a distance?

Kevin Magna

May 31, 2012

Being a caregiver from a distance is possible!Sometimes, it's not possible to be there with your loved one all the time as he or she ages. Whether you have a busy job across town, a home in another state or reside in another country, you can't always be there for your relative. However, it is possible to ensure the safety and health of your loved one from a distance. Here are a few ways you can help without having to visit in person all the time.

Invest in a medical alert device
A medical alarm from Bay Alarm is an easy solution for keeping your relative safe, and it'll provide you both with peace of mind. Whether your loved one suffers from a fall, a stroke, a heart attack or any other ailment, help will be in contact at the push of a button. Your relative will never feel alone.

Make daily phone calls
It's important to make your loved one feel that you're trying to play an active role in his or her life, so a phone call every day is a good idea. It's a thoughtful way to stay updated on what's going on in your relative's life, and you'll also be able to give him or her reminders about doctor's appointments, medication or anything else that the individual might forget.

Have a neighbor check in
If possible, ask a neighbor, friend or nearby family member to check in on your loved one from time to time. Whether it's once a day, once a week or a couple of times a month, your relative will feel better knowing that there's always someone to turn to if help or company is needed.

Hire service people to help
To take some of the burden off of your loved one, consider hiring people who can help with a few of the chores around the house. A twice-weekly maid might be a good idea, as well as someone to take care of the landscaping every now and then or perhaps someone to cook a few meals each week. Your relative will feel cared for and he or she won't have to stress over getting things done.

Visit whenever possible
Of course, nothing can take the place of seeing your face once in awhile. Try to visit your relative whenever possible to show that you're still there for him or her and that you care a lot about the individual's well-being.