And now, the club sandwich generation


June 10, 2011

The sandwich generation has become a common term for many caregivers these days – if one is tending to the needs of an older adult and raising children, they're a part of it. There are around 20 million Americans who are currently in this role. 

Yet there's another position that boomers around the world are now taking on and their experience may make them better candidates for the club sandwich generation, instead, according to The Aucklander.

Take 62-year-old Noeline Billing, for instance. The energetic grandmother is looking after her aging mother-in-law, who had a stroke last year, while helping transport her grandkids from school to their swimming lessons during the week.

She told the publication that she could probably keep up her frantic pace for a few more years, but expects to slow down when she turns 65.

Families who are struggling to balance all of their responsibilities toward loved ones may want to consider installing a medical alarm system throughout their home, because this device enables users to immediately send a medical alert to a call center if assistance is required. In turn, this can make both children and seniors a little safer if they're home alone.  

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