An aging couple, living independently


August 31, 2011

Florence "Pat" Herman, 80, has lived with her husband, 87-year-old Bernie, for decades, according to The Tampa Tribune. Despite the fact that she is unable to walk without help, the couple has stayed relatively happy and healthy. 

That didn't stop their children from worrying about their health. Bernie was slowly becoming exhausted by the responsibilities he had toward his wife, despite how determined he was to be the perfect caregiver.

Eventually, the couple took the plunge and hired a home care aide and they haven't looked back. Both are grateful for the assistance.

"It would have been horrible, the consequences if we didn't have this intervention," Bernie explained to the news source. This is especially the case, because both Bernie and Pat were adamant about avoiding a nursing home at all costs.

"What I see is that people get out of the hospital and they want to go home," said Julie Krol, owner of the Home Instead franchise. "They do not want to go to a rehab facility."

Avoiding nursing care facilities may mean having safeguards in place at home, too. Installing a medical alarm system in a residence allows users to instantly get help from emergency services with the press of a button.