Alzheimer’s workshop offers caregivers chance to share

Kevin Magna

October 5, 2010

Adult children who are caring for older parents with Alzheimer's often feel isolated and unable to reach out to other people, but a workshop in Blount County, Tennessee is offering caregivers a place to express their concerns and struggles, according to The Daily Times.

The workshop, called Caring and Coping, is also meant as a platform for caregivers to share tips with each other.

"Most of us are not really equipped to take care of a loved one until we are faced with the situation and we don't have a choice," Janice Wade-Whitehead, executive director of the Eastern Tennessee Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, told the news provider. "We want to provide the best environment we can but we need the tools to help us understand."

These tools aim to help caregivers who are feeling overwhelmed. The news source cites studies which show that children caring for parents with Alzheimer's often suffer from chronic fatigue and high blood pressure.

Another device that may help those who are assisting an older adult with Alzheimer's may be an elderly alert system. By installing this in a residence, caregivers can guarantee that a senior has the ability to contact them or physicians in the case of an emergency.

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