Alzheimer’s research bill reaches Obama’s desk


December 29, 2010

The establishment of the National Alzheimer's Project is one step closer to fruition. The bill calling for the creation of the project has passed in the House and Senate and President Obama is expected to sign the bill to create a national campaign of awareness and funding that is equal to cancer and AIDS support, according to

The National Alzheimer's Project hopes to find middle ground between national funding for caregivers and health care institutions, while also educating family caregivers on the right course of action to take with their elderly loved one.

"Many families try to take care of their loved one at home, at great cost to their finances and health. It's quite devastating for caregivers, and it envelops the whole life of families," said Grace Ann Kelly, a geriatric specialist at ParkCrescent Health Care and Rehabilitation Center in East Orange, New Jersey, reports

According to the American Alzheimer's Association, the disease costs Medicare $172 billion annually and continues to grow each year. If there is a loved one who is coping with memory loss, invest in a medical alarm system that could alert paramedics or neighbors in an emergency.