Alzheimer’s patients find lost memories in painting

Kevin Magna

May 26, 2011

At Colorado Alzheimer's, patients have been working on art projects that are a special reflection of themselves, according to The Coloradoan. This is all thanks to the Alzheimer's Association's Memories in the Making program, which encourages individuals to paint whatever comes to mind.

They are also an ideal way for patients to communicate when they have no other way. The author of the article, Cheryl Platz, has a special connection with the initiative – her father, Brad Bowels, is taking it.

As a professor of theater at the University of Colorado for 30 years, he always doodled in elaborate ways. The program helps keep him engaged and mentally stimulated. He also benefits from socializing with other patients in the classes.

"The participants and staff at the [care center] Elderhaus have enriched and sustained Dad in ways that we cannot at home. They are an amazing group of people. We knew Dad would enjoy and thrive at their Memories in the Making art classes," Platz writes.

Families often face a difficult task when trying to care of patients with Alzheimer's disease. To help ensure their safety, many may want to consider installing an elderly alert system. This device enables users to immediately send a medical alert if they require assistance.