Alzheimer’s called defining disease of baby boomer generation

Alan Wu

January 28, 2011

Millions of adult children across the country are used to caring for seniors who have some form of dementia, but a new report titled Generation Alzheimer's suggests that baby boomers may need to start preparing their homes in case they themselves begin to suffer from cognitive difficulties.

The report, which was released by the Alzheimer's Association, estimates that 10 million boomers will suffer from Alzheimer's disease in the near future. Caring for patients with this condition will cost approximately $20 trillion over the next 40 years.

"Alzheimer's is a tragic epidemic that has no survivors. Not a single one," Harry Johns, President and CEO of the Alzheimer's Association, said in a statement. "It is as much a thief as a killer. Alzheimer's will darken the long-awaited retirement years of the one out of eight baby boomers who will develop it… But we can still change that if we act now."

Those who may be experiencing memory problems may want to invest in a medical alarm system. This device can help remind users when to take medications with programmed medical alerts and will also notify caregivers if a dose has been missed.

The Alzheimer's Association stresses that, with the right policies and resources in place, the nation will be able to tackle Alzheimer's disease and look toward a brighter future.