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Aging in place made easier with simple steps

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Aging in place made easier with simple stepsAging in place is a goal for most elders, as home is the place where they feel most in control. According to a study conducted by The Ear Foundation, seniors admitted they feared having to move into a nursing home more than death. The majority of study participants, 89 percent, reported wanting to live independently and have their own space.

Although in some instances aging in place may be out of the question, for many seniors, this dream can be achieved with a bit of work, Local 10 reports.

According to the source, one of the best ways to stay healthy with age is to work out. Not only can staying fit help keep muscles strong and help elders avoid falls, but it can also ward off medical conditions related to weight gain such as diabetes or heart disease.

Updating or fixing a senior's home can also make it a safer environment. Relatives might want to help a parent install a walk-in shower or even a medical alert system that mom or dad can wear and use to call for help in an emergency.

Elders should also try and make sure their prescriptions are always filled and that they won't interfere with their vision, as taking a mix of multiple medications at once can increase a person's risk of falling, according to The Mayo Clinic. 

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