Agencies encourage use of preventive services among elderly

Alan Wu

March 16, 2011

Many of the changes included in The Affordable Care Act are now in place and this includes a package that allows seniors to take advantage of health services for free. Seniors who are looking to live safely and independently may want to familiarize themselves with it so they can benefit from the check-ups. Many may also want to invest in a medical alarm system, which can be used to instantly contact a hospital in the case of an emergency.

Here are the services that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Administration on Aging, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have recommended for older adults:

1. Vaccinations against the flu and pneumonia
2. Screenings for breast cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, lipid disorders and osteoporosis
3. Counseling session to quit cigarettes
4. Screening for alcohol abuse
5. Session on aspirin use

There are also a number of preventive services for different health conditions that can be used for:

1. Blood pressure
2. Cervical cancer
3. Depression
4. Obesity
5. Zoster

"These important services help detect many diseases, delay their onset, or identify them early in their most treatable stages to ensure healthier, longer, and more productive lives for older adults," the CDC stated.

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