Affordable Medical Alert Systems For Seniors

Affordable Medical Alert Systems For Seniors

July 22, 2014

Are you on a fixed income or have a strict budget, and need reliable 24/7 medical protection for a loved one? Medical alert systems can be an affordable alternative, or backup, for in-home care.

Throughout this blog, we’ll give you tips on finding affordable medical alert systems for seniors.
Examine Your Payment Options

Most medical alert system companies offer different payment plans to accommodate your budget. You can usually opt to pay Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually. These plans tend to get cheaper the longer amount of time you commit to upfront.
Get A Discounted Rate

If you have a membership with AMAC, AARP, or USAA, call and ask about a membership discount on your medical alert service plan. Also be sure to ask if they have any seasonal promotions going on. Many companies run specials near the holidays.
Look Before You Leap

It can be tempting to sign up for a longer term to get a discount. However, it’s important to be aware of the fact that circumstances of the user can change at any time (often without warning).

Your loved one’s health condition can change rapidly and they may no longer need the service, or suddenly find that they can no longer afford the service. This is especially true of older adults and disabled adults.

Before ordering a long term plan, always ask your provider if there are any security deposits required, and what will happen if for some reason you should need to cancel in the middle of your long term plan. You don’t want to get stuck paying for service that is no longer being used.
Start With A Flexible Payment Plan



We recommend starting out at a shorter term payment plan. This is crucial if you are unsure how long the user may need the system for.

For example, your uncle just got out of the hospital and is recovering from surgery. You just need the system as temporary backup while he’s recovering since you can’t be there everyday to check in on him. In cases like these, we would recommend a Monthly or Quarterly Plan, so you aren’t locked into a long term contract and can easily cancel service once he has fully recovered.

You can call your provider at a later time to see about switching to a longer term plan if needed.

The majority of our callers choose the Quarterly Plan as it offers the most flexibility for it’s price.

For more tips on getting the most for your money, go here. If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 1-877-522-9633 today. We can help you find a wallet-happy solution for your loved one.

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