Adjusting exercise regimen for the golden years


September 1, 2010

The Jakarta Post reports that exercise in old age can be a key to maintaining a long, healthy lifestyle. Even seniors who haven’t picked up a weight in decades can develop an exercise regimen that can have significant health benefits.

“Aerobic fitness, bone health, agility – you may be able to catch up. It’s remarkable to see the things people can actually do,” Dr Angela Smith, a physician at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital, told the news provider.

She recommends that older adults focus less on impact sports, such as running, and more on swimming and flexibility exercises, such as those performed during yoga. She claims that getting in better shape can reduce cancer risks, lower the pain of arthritis and double a senior’s strength.

Other doctors say that many of those who begin an exercise regimen will experience the benefits within two weeks, and even a modest routine can make a huge difference in life quality.

“Exercise is the fountain of youth. You want to live long, so you have got to start exercising,” Dr Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko informed the news provider.

Experts claim that exercise, by improving flexibility and strength, can also lower a senior’s risk for falling, but not eliminate it. To guarantee your safety, you may want to consider investing in a personal emergency response system, which allows users to immediately alert medical professionals in the event of an unexpected injury.