Active boomers and seniors should consider personal emergency response system

Alan Wu

December 20, 2010

Old age isn't like it used to be, and baby boomers and active seniors are proving that point all around the country. In San Ramon, California, a group of seniors have come together to form the San Ramon Trailblazers, according to The San Ramon Patch.

This fun-loving hiking crew is all about making the most of their golden years, hiking for at least three miles about once a week.

"It's not just a hiking group," Nido Paras, a volunteer at The San Ramon Senior and Community Center , told the news provider. "It's very social, and there's something in it for everyone." Although, she added that the majority of the hikers are women and she would like to see more men on the trail.

The center also hosts the Encore Volunteer Program, which helps retirees use their skills to give back to the community.

Older adults who are enjoying an active lifestyle are usually alone at home on occasion and it's a good idea to take certain precautions when in this situation – the CDC estimates that one in three seniors falls each year and these incidents can result in injuries that make it impossible to stay independent.

Installing a personal emergency response system is one effective way to ensure that an older adult can age safely at a residence. This device can be used to send a medical alert to friends or doctors in the case of an emergency.

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