A quiz to see if Dad needs a little more help

Lisa Wurth

June 9, 2011

It’s hard to shop for any Father’s Day, but it may become more difficult to find out what Dad wants as he grows older. For this coming holiday, families may instead want to focus on matters of safety, especially if Grandpa is living alone.

If it seems like a dad needs help, try talking to him about medical alert systems. These devices can be installed throughout a home and enable users to immediately send a medical alert to a call center if they require assistance.

Additionally, think about taking The Stay At Home Quiz, which was developed to find out whether a loved one needs more assistance, according to eMaxHealth.com. Some of the sample questions include ones that make families think about Dad’s social habits and friendships, as well as whether he still regularly cooks for himself, gets groceries and has the support of the family.

“It’s a common scenario for aging parents, especially independent dads, to insist they’re well enough to live in their own homes even if they’re not,” senior care expert Dr. John Bowling explained to the news source.

He suggests that the quiz can be an effective way to start a conversation about independent aging with a loved one.

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