A multi-generational home

Alan Wu

August 30, 2011

Millions of Americans across the country are trying to juggle the needs of aging parents with their children. Sometimes, a parent lives alone and a caregiver has to regularly check in, but in a number of instances, a senior has moved into an adult child's home.

This can cause a lot of stress and tension between family members, but a new home design may offer some hope for those who are part of this sandwich generation. In Searcy, Arkansas, a residence has been developed to meet all the needs of people in this situation.

"This is our first 'aging in place' and baby boomer friendly home," Developer Pam Charton told KTHV. "There could be several scenarios: you've got your kids, they come back from college if they don't get a job or they're working with low income. They can help and live on the other side – optional living quarters, kitchenette, washer and dryer access."

Those who are trying to create an environment that is safe for seniors may also want to look into medical alert systems, because these devices allow users to instantly contact emergency services for assistance.