A medical alert system can give caregivers time to relax


October 21, 2010

Baby boomers who are part of the sandwich generation are caring for both children and their older parents, which makes scheduling free time a little difficult. However, director of the center for Circadian Medicine Dr Matthew Edlund, recently wrote on The Huffington Post that it is still possible to take a few minutes out of the day to refresh the brain and be at peace.

Going for regular walks is one of the healthiest activities that adults can do, because it stimulates the body and mind. Edlund claims that nature walks may be the most effective, since research has shown that a stroll through the woods can help the brain learn and give a person the chance to absorb vitamin D from the sunlight.

Sleeping is also important for caregivers because it can reduce stress and make sure that they are fully prepared for each day. It can even prevent serious conditions like heart attacks, strokes and depression.

Those who feel like they don't have enough time to fully enjoy these activities due to their responsibilities to a parent may want to invest in a medical alert system, which can allow seniors to instantly send out a personal emergency response message to a hospital in the case of an unexpected health condition.