A book that gets to the center of caregiving


May 25, 2011

At the beginning of this millennium, Jane and Michael Gross became entangled in a situation that is all too familiar to millions of Americans across the country – caring for an elderly parent who was adamant about her independence, according to The Seattle Times.

They had to navigate the confusing maze of Medicare regulations and try to find the right specialists who could help their mother, all the while juggling their own families and careers.

Now, Jane has written a book about her experiences that includes interviews, testimonies and reports to which many caregivers can relate. The central theme may be summed up by Jane herself – "Being clueless — utterly clueless — is the central and unavoidable part of this experience," she writes.

Experts recommend compromise and conversation between all family members when it comes to long-term caring options. One way to help ensure that an older adult is safe but retains independence is to install a personal emergency response system at home. This device enables users to immediately send a medical alert if they require assistance.

The National Family Caregivers Association estimates that there are 65 million Americans who are currently taking care of a loved one.