8 ways to make a home age-friendly

Lisa Wurth

February 23, 2011

Many seniors these days are interested in independent living, which means that they may want to consider taking added precautions in a home. The best way to do this is to modify an existing layout to accommodate one's changing needs. The Kessler Institute recently advised older adults on how to make a home more age-friendly, according to NJToday.net.

1. Remove throw rugs so there is less chance of slipping.

2. Ensure that stairways are well-lit and that the banisters aren't wobbly or insecure. One may also want to consider putting grab rails on landings.

3. Improve balance through coordination exercises such as Tai Chi or regular strength training.

4. Install hand rails in bathrooms and by showers to ensure stability.

5. Be careful on wet floors and other surfaces, such as the driveway and sidewalk.

6. Although the Kessler Institute doesn't recommend this method directly, one may also want to install a personal emergency response system in a home, because this device can be used to immediately send a medical alert to doctors.

7. Stay more focused on current surroundings, because a lack of concentration may lead to an injury.

8. Keeps floors clear of clutter that may become obstacles.