5 ways to deal with an overbearing caregiver


February 8, 2011

Some families who are rotating caregiving duties from one member to another so that the senior can spend time with each loved one and the caregiving doesn’t prove to be overwhelming to anyone. This can sometimes create tension between individuals who think they know best, according to Caring.com. Here are five ways that one can deal with an overbearing caregiver:

1. Split up the duties. The news source recommends trying to discuss how best to care for a senior and splitting up each task depending on each caregiver’s specialty. This can help reduce friction when one family member is trying to command everyone else.

2. Remind the family why care is important. If the argument becomes petty, try to step aside and remind family caregivers that it’s a parent’s health that is most important, not a debate on how best to give them treatment.

3. Take a break. If the bickering becomes too much, try walking away for a period. This can provide one with time to recharge the batteries, so they can deal with other caregivers with a clearer head.

4. Install senior alert system. There are several options available with today’s medical alert systems, and these devices can cut down on the need for caregivers to watch over seniors, because an older adult can use it to send a medical alert in the case of an emergency. In turn, this may help stop some of the squabbles.

5. Take turns. Two or more caregivers may be unnecessary, anyway, so try to have an organized schedule that dictates when each family member should tend to a senior.

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