5 tips for staying young at heart


February 25, 2011

Carolyn Rosenblatt, writing for Forbes magazine, recently discussed how she has been taking tips from her dog – who is 84 years old in human years – when it comes to staying young at heart. "I've decided some things she does that would be good for all of us and our aging parents to do," she wrote. The following are some of the tips she suggests.

1. Stay Connected. First and foremost, Rosenblatt suggests that keeping close with family is the best way to stay young at heart. Isolation can cause loneliness and depression.

2. Walk Every Day. Dogs aren't the only ones who need walks every day. Just getting outdoors for a moment can do wonders for both physical and mental health.

3. Add a Medical Alarm to a Home. Although this device isn't on Rosenblatt's list, older adults who want to age safely and independently may also want a reliable way to send a medical alert in the case of an emergency. That added sense of security can be invaluable.

4. Be Compassionate. Rosenblatt also suggests that another way that dogs can be a model for humans is in their non-judgmental and optimistic attitude toward others.

5. Get Enough Sleep. Dogs are always lounging around and, with so few responsibilities, it's easy for them to get enough rest. Still, many adults forget that a good night's sleep can be a key to a long, healthy life.