5 tips for avoiding a slip at home

Bryan Aldrige

June 1, 2011

Falls are no laughing matter and they can especially prove to be hazardous to older adults. It's important to make sure that seniors living alone have a device such as a personal emergency response system installed at home, because this allows users to instantly send a medical alert if they need assistance. 

Likewise, home safety measures should include a thorough evaluation of dangerous obstacles. Here are some suggested by The Star-Banner:

1. Exercises. Even local, limited fitness routines – such as leg lifts or using a walker that doesn't use wheels – can go a long way in helping stability.

2. Secure rugs and mats. Small, decorative rugs can prove to be slippery, especially if they're in the bathroom, so these should be removed and replaced with ones that can be secured to the floor.

3. Redo the bathroom. Try installing a grab rail outside the shower so that, if one slides on a wet surface, it's possible to stay stable. Putting in a shower bench so older adults have a place to rest can also be integral to safety.

4. Renovate stairways. Experts suggest putting grab rails on stair landings. One should also try to redo the railings so that they don't wobble.

5. Clean up. Need an excuse to clear the clutter for summer? Most everyone agrees that the fewer obstacles on the floors, the less likely a fall will occur.