5 new housing trends among baby boomers

Jasmine Phu

February 18, 2011

As baby boomers retire and enter their golden years, they are expected to change the way that homes are being designed. The International Business Times recently released a list of some steps that older adults will take to ensure that their home is fit for retirement.

1. Renovated Garage. Rather than using a garage for cars, many boomers are expected to remodel the area to maximize storage capacity. Some may even convert it to an extra living room or entertainment space.

2. Security. Some senior residents will like the look and feel of gated access to their home. This can make for an exclusive community that could especially be fun and intimate in retirement.

3. Paths. Baby boomers are enthusiastic about physical fitness, so the news source suggests that walking trails will become more popular as well.

4. Increased Home Safety. While not listed in the publication, home safety is expected to be another important trend among baby boomers. Many will want to live in their homes for as long as possible. That can mean making a home age-friendly by installing devices such as medical alarm systems, which enable residents to send a personal emergency response message if they need assistance.

5. Offices. Younger boomers who are still working may want more flexibility by staying at home, so home offices will also become more popular.

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