5 foods that can help fight aches and pains


March 28, 2011

The right diet can do wonders for healthy living and research has revealed that there are a number of specific benefits to eating some kinds of food. Older adults who are living alone may want to consider including some of the following items in their meals at home, according to AARP.org

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1. Red Grapes. One study found that these tasty fruits can help protect against cartilage damage that can cause back pain.

2. Ginger. In another evaluation, two-thirds of participants reported less knee pain during six weeks of upping their ginger intake.

3. Soy. Research at Oklahoma State University discovered that soy can reduce aches associated with osteoporosis by 30 percent.

4. Tumeric. A spice usually found in Indian food, tumeric may be just as effective a painkiller as ibuprofen.

5. Cherries. Due to their high antioxidant levels, these red fruits can help reduce inflammation that can lead to arthritis pain.