4 ways seniors can help caregivers

Kevin Magna

April 18, 2011

Older adults who are receiving some help from other family members may sometimes feel guilty about the burden they are placing on a loved one's shoulders. While caregivers are happy to help seniors during the golden years, there are some ways to make their job less overwhelming. The Union recently suggested a few tips: 

1. Don't resist help. It's tempting to try and maintain full independence, but if it's no longer safe for a senior to stay at home unattended, or do day-to-day tasks, it may be time for a loved one to step in.

2. Use personal emergency response system. While not on the news source's list, this device can allow caregivers some peace of mind, because once it's installed in an older adult's home, one can use it to instantly send a medical alert if he or she needs assistance.

3. Treat a caregiver with respect. Sometimes, seniors can start worsening their relationship with caregivers by treating them like servants who are meant to serve their every need. Instead, try to reach a mutual understanding of each other's roles.

4. Have back-up caregivers. Everyone needs some time off to rest and recuperate, and that includes caregivers. However, that doesn't mean that seniors are left behind. Always have a few close friends or family members who can help when another caregiver is off-duty.  

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