4 Fun Independence Day Activities

June 30, 2014

Summertime is officially upon us as June comes to a close and we enter July. This weekend is July 4th, a great time for bonding with loved ones over fireworks, red, blue, and white themed foods, and of course, our shared love of the great country we live in.

In this article, we’ll go down our list of fun July 4th-themed activities to do with your family. These activities work for people of all ages from 1-100. They’re sure to love these easy crafts and activities.
1.) Make Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Sparklers

Image courtesy of marthastewart.com

Image courtesy of marthastewart.com

This one comes courtesy of Martha Stewart, the Queen of Crafts. It couldn’t be any simpler, or tastier! You can purchase some large straw-shaped pretzels from your local supermarket for this craft. The recipe recommends that you use melted bittersweet chocolate chips for dipping. Once you’ve painted on the chocolate, add different types of sprinkles to your pretzel to top it off.

We also recommend using white chocolate baker’s grade chocolate in addition to the bittersweet chocolate for an even more delicious and festive touch.
2.) Bake A Flag Cake



This activity may look complicated, but it’s actually amazingly simple to do.

All you need to do is pickup a box of your favorite cake mix from the grocery store, or make your own from scratch if you prefer. Mix together your ingredients, and then arrange the batter in a flat, sheet style of pan. Add frosting, and then use fresh fruits such as blueberries and strawberries to make out the good old stars and stripes on the United States flag.

If you want to get fancy, use colored frosting (or add food coloring to your frosting) and use piping tools to create the stars and stripes. Here are a few playful variations on this from The Barefoot Contessa, amd Kraft Foods.

If cupcakes are more your style, check out this cute adaptation by Betty Crocker.
3.) Play A Game of July 4th Trivia

Image courtesy of Buzzle.com.

Image courtesy of Buzzle.com.

iTunes has a nifty July 4th “Fun, Facts, & Trivia” app that you can play with your family. It has every detail about Independence Day that you could ever want to know, like who the signers of the Declaration of Independence were. Even better, the app is FREE!

About.com also offers free July 4th crossword puzzles and word searches for kids and adults.
4. Do A Flag Waving Dance

Get those arms moving by waving the United States flag while dancing your favorite songs. This is a great way to burn extra calories while having a good time. According to Columbia University’s Health Department, when you swing your arms you burn 5 to 10% more calories than exercising without moving your arms. Place in a flag in each hand for an extra boost.

As part of Michelle Obama’s anti-obsesity campaign titled “Let’s Move,” Beyonce produced a workout song and video for kids which even includes a flag-waving segment. It’s a really interactive routine that can work well when performed alone, or as a part of a group too. Go forth and master her dance moves here.

We hope you these activities gave you some great ideas, and we wish you and your family a fantastic 4th of July weekend.

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