3 ways to make sure the golden years are golden


April 12, 2011

Whether one is getting ready for retirement next year or in 10 years, it pays to have a plan in place. The economic downturn has taught many boomers the importance of outlining their golden years in detail, and U.S. News & World Report shared some tips for future retirees so that they know a plan is feasible: 

1. Make sure it's comprehensive. Evaluate every aspect of retirement – from health needs to leisure activities – and make sure nothing is left out. Hidden expenses can leave a big dent in nest eggs.

2. Regularly review. Don't write a great retirement budget and then put it in the attic for a few years. The news source suggests that one should instead review the budget two, three, even four times a year to make sure that it's still relevant. The key is to ensure that it adapts to one's changing lifestyle.

3. Consider safety. While not one of the news source's tips, many retirees plan on living in their own home during the golden years. Installing a medical alert system can help ensure that one is safe during the golden years, because this device allows users to immediately send a personal emergency response message if they need help.