3 things that can negatively affect seniors and family caregivers

Kevin Magna

January 26, 2011

When looking after an elderly parent or spouse, family caregivers may sometimes feel like some problems are more common than others. Caring.com touches on some issues that households may face as they care for an older adult:

1. Unexpected Responsibilities – It's impossible to predict how much care an older adult will require, and those needs may change over time. Families may consider installing a senior alert system to be on the safe side, as this device allows users to immediately send a medical alert in the case of an injury or health condition.

2. Lack of Privacy – When everyone is under one roof, it can quickly become claustrophobic. Caregivers can feel more stress and irritation than they would otherwise because of the cramped living space. Try to find a corner of the house that is reserved solely for uninterrupted relaxation and alone time.

3. Ignoring Insomnia – Sleeping problems can be caused by emotional stress and a senior's nighttime needs. Try to make sure that an older adult has no caffeine or other stimulants before bedtime. Medications may also interfere with sleep. Caregivers should strive to follow a healthy sleeping schedule as well.