3 ideas for a Father’s Day gift

Kevin Magna

May 24, 2011

Father's Day is less than a month away. This year, it will be celebrated on June 19 and children are probably starting to think about what would best suit their parent – especially if they're older. It can always be difficult to think of a good present, but WFTV.com recently suggested a few wise choices: 

1. Gifts for hobbies. Every Dad has something he likes to do – whether that's mountain biking or golfing. The thing is, he's had a lot of time to gather up all sorts of gadgets and accessories for his interests. Instead, the news source suggests getting him something like a gift certificate for a biking trip or tee times at a golf course. He may appreciate the gift of time more than a material object.

2. Tours. If Dad is a something of an outdoorsy type, then why not look at trips that could be ideal for him? Try to arrange one that he would love and make the time flexible. Maybe even make it a family affair so everyone can enjoy his company.

3. Safety. While not on the news provider's list, many Americans are thinking about what to get baby boomer or senior fathers who are a little older. Try talking to him about safety measures so he can age at home safely. Installing a personal emergency response system in a house enables users to instantly send a medical alert to a call center if they require assistance.