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25 percent of caregivers suffer from depression

Topic(s) : Family Caregivers

A new survey conducted by has found that a quarter of all caregivers report symptoms of depression, which is far above the average of 9 percent as estimated by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Stress was also found to be a health problem for many – 53 percent of respondents said that they had trouble falling asleep due to anxiety.

Those who are worried about the health of an older adult may want to install an elderly alert system in their home. This device enables seniors to instantly contact an emergency call center if they require assistance.

The findings also found that 86 percent of caregivers had to adjust their work situation to accommodate the needs of a loved one, while 32 percent spend 30 hours or more tending to a care recipient's needs.

Alzheimer's care appeared to have the biggest burden on family members.

"Alzheimer's caregivers who participated in this study rated caring for their loved one as their highest source of stress," said Andy Cohen, co-founder and CEO of

This emphasizes the need for caregivers to reach out for support with friends, family members and community groups.  

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