10 Marvelous Mother’s Day Gifts For 2014

May 5, 2014

Mother’s Day is Sunday May 11,2014. Do you have a special gift in mind for mom?

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There’s several different kinds of moms out there, and we’ve come up with some great gift options for all of them.
1.) The Sentimental Mom

A DIY gift always works great as long as it comes from the heart. Like these cute magnets above with family pictures inside them. You can find some really neat (and affordable) DIY gift ideas on Pinterest. Here’s a great board to start with.
2.) The Techie Mom

tech gadgets for mom


Is your mom in love with her new tablet? There are a lot of great games, books, apps out there that she can use. An iTunes or Google Play giftcard would be the perfect gift. With it, she can purchase fun games like Candy Crush – a highly addictive game that can kill hours of boredom, and requires just enough strategy to hold your attention.

Also, Instagram is a neat app that allows her to share photos of important events with all her friends and family at once without all the complications of Facebook. Huffington Post has a complete list of apps that parents should have here.
3.) The Tough-as-nails Mom

Does your mom prefer to do the kinds of projects where she can get her hands dirty rather than a day at the spa?
Get her a brand new toolkit. This way she can complete more home projects and continue making sure her home is ship-shape. Here’s one we like on Amazon.com.
4.) The Supermom

A blonde woman with a face mask and cape is shown.

Really, all moms are supermoms. This type of mom always has her hands full balancing family, work, and being the ultimate role model in her community. What she can really use is the gift of relaxation!

Use spafinder.com to find a spa near her and book an appointment. Offer to watch the kids, pets, grandparents, etc for her. Let her have some precious me-time.
5.) The Foodie Mom

Does your mom love going out and trying new places to eat? Get her a Passport Dining Card and membership. This will get her 1 free entree per every two meals at all participating restaurants in her neighborhood.

This is a great way for her to explore new culinary flavors, as well as spending more time with loved ones since she’ll get a free meal for her companion.
6.) The “I Have Everything, Don’t Buy Me Anything” Mom

How many times has your mom said to you “I can buy whatever I want, don’t spend money on me”? These kind of people are the most difficult to shop for. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered here: The perfect gift for a mom who has it all is time with you!

Purchase two event tickets such as movie tickets, museum tickets, or concert tickets just for you and mom. The one thing that she can’t get enough of is time with you.
7.) The Executive Mom

Your mom spends all day wheeling and dealing at the office. Then she comes home and somehow still is bursting with energy to keep her family going. Get her an all-in-one charger so she can stay connected to you across all the different communication platforms she uses.
8.) The Old-Fashioned Mom

Some moms aren’t into the whole tech explosion and would prefer a more traditional gift. Barnes & Noble is offering a list of their favorite picks of books for mom, as well as a list of special Mother’s Day discounts like up to 40% off music, including the latest Michael Buble album.
9.) The Trendy Mom

This mom enjoys staying up on all the latest fashion trends, and trying out the latest and greatest craze. For her, we recommend a shellac nail kit. Shellac manicures last for two whole weeks! You can buy kits at your local beauty supply store. You can check it out on Sally Beauty Supply’s website.

If she’s not the DIY type, then check Yelp for “shellac manicure,” and you can choose from a list of local spas that offer that type of service.
10.) The Sporty Mom

Sports and health enthusiasts have been raving about wearable fitness devices. Get mom a Fitbit Zip which tracks “steps, distance, and calories burned” and then automatically syncs the data to her online Fitbit account. Get one here.

We wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day. May your day be overflowing with love and smiles whether you’re a mom, or you’re showing appreciation to your mom.

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