1 in 10 boomers neglect parents

Bryan Aldrige

March 2, 2011

A survey released by Mature Times has found that 1 out of every 10 British baby boomers haven't seen their parents in over a year, suggesting that families may be feeling more disconnected than ever before, according to The Telegraph.

Many of the respondents said that they lived too far away to frequently visit parents, while nearly half said that they were just too busy. More than a quarter (29) blamed a career for taking away time from their loved ones. Communication was found to be at a low as well – one out of every 20 adults age 55 to 60 said that they called a parent only once every few months.

"The results of the survey highlight the growing issue of loneliness and the pressures families face with increasingly busy lives," charity director of Age UK Michelle Mitchell told the news provider.

Seniors who are living alone may also want to invest in a personal emergency response system to stay safe. This device can be used to instantly send a medical alert to doctors if one is in need of assistance and may be of particular use to boomers who live too far away visit parents regularly.

One report from UnitedHealthcare and the National Alliance for Caregiving found that 83 percent of caregivers would like to have products that can help them with long-distance responsibilities.

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