Caregiver Tracking App

Check in on mom's current location in real-time, access her location history, and get notified if battery levels are low. The perfect upgrade to your 4G LTE Mobile GPS Help Button.

  • Track mom's location in real-time and get activity history
  • Get low battery notifications and ensure device is charged and ready to go
  • Help dad stay cool and comfortable with weather/temperature notifications


We developed the Caregiver Tracking app to provide even more protection for you and your loved ones.

4G LTE Tracking

Pinpoint location tracking on America's most powerful 4G LTE Network.

Battery Notifications

You'll get an instant notification if the device is low on power and needs to be charged.

Multiple Devices

Got a large family? No problem. Our app supports multiple profiles so you can add your parents, kids, friends, or anyone you care about.


Get weather alerts in your loved one's area so you can be made aware of extremely hot or abnormally cold temperatures.

Bay Alarm Medical Caregiver Tracking

Available for Android and iOS

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