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How do our Medical Alert Devices Work?

Get Rapid 24/7 Emergency Help at the Push of a Button.
  • Emergency medical help at the push of a button

    Need help? Simply push your emergency medical alert button. Remain calm. Help is on the way!

  • 24/7 medical alert monitoring from our call centers

    A trained, 24/7 live operator will speak to you over the console and make sure you're taken care of.

  • We'll send help

    If necessary, we'll contact friends, family, neighbors, and your local 911 emergency services.

Check out our How-To Videos

Sometimes, watching an example makes things so much easier. Check out our collection of videos to learn more about how our system works, our plans, and general information about Bay Alarm Medical.

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Best Medical Alert Provider of 2015 4 (422 reviews)
After researching multiple companies, it was easy to see that Bay Alarm was the best company to go with. The representative I worked with on the phone was both knowledgeable and friendly and I felt she had my interest in mind, not a quick phone conversation and sign up. Thank you for giving me and my family the peace of mind to know that I'm safer now than I've ever been. - Anna K, Mooresville NC
In-Home Medical Alert System
In-Home System
From $25/mo

Our most popular medical alert system. Get rapid 24/7 emergency push-button help today. Requires a traditional landline phone jack.

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Automatic Fall Detection
Automatic Fall Detection
From $35/mo

Add an extra layer of reassurance. The system will automatically place a call for help if you're unable to.

Compatible with both landline and cellular in-home life alert systems.

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Cellular Medical Alert System
In-Home Cellular
From $35/mo

For residents without a traditional landline. Get 24/7 medical alert protection without being tied to a phone cord. Powered by AT&T's 3G Network

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Mobile GPS Help Button
Mobile GPS Help Button
From $35/mo

The go-anywhere and do-anything, GPS-equipped medical alert system. Get on-the-go 24/7 protection!


Powered by AT&T's Nationwide Cellular Network.

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Smoke & CO
From $39.95/mo

Get all the benefits of our 24/7 life alert system with the added benefits of monitored fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide protection. Requires a traditional landline phone jack.

For a limited time, sign up for our Monitored Smoke & CO service and receive a FREE Lockbox!

Call 1-877-522-9633 for details.

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3 Redundant USA Call Centers

Even our backups have backups.
Medical Alert USA Call Center


A medical alert system is only as good as the 24/7 emergency call center that backs it up. Bay Alarm Medical works closely with our USA-based monitoring partner to create a network of highly reliable emergency response centers. Located in Ogden, Utah and Rexburg, Idaho, the two state-of-the-art centers are full duplicates of each other. If one station were to ever go offline, the other station would provide immediate emergency coverage.

Certified & Accredited

CSAA Five Diamond Certified

Both 24/7 emergency medical monitoring centers are CSAA Five Diamond Certified and undergo a rigorous certification process annually, commit to tough quality standards, and agree to random inspections by UL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

3 Call Stations

Bay Alarm Medical provides consultation, technical support and customer service from our headquarters in California. We keep 24/7 medical monitoring completely separate from our day to day business operations to ensure that all calls are rapidly responded to.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1946

Bay Alarm Medical has been protecting seniors for nearly 7 decades. Interested? Chat with one of our Care Consultants today!

Nationwide Coverage

Service available all across the United States including Alaska & Hawaii.

Med Alert System USA Coverage

Our medical alarm system is compatible with all standard phone lines, cable providers (Comcast, Time Warner, Cox) and VOIP solutions (AT&T, Verizon). See a detailed list of compatible digital phone providers.

Looking for something to work outside the home? Check out our GPS Mobile Medical Alert

Multi-Lingual Support

¡Hola, 你 好, Privet!

We support over 170 languages to effectively communicate with our non-English or English-as-a-second-language clients!

Popular options include:

  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Farsi
  • Vietnamese
  • Russian

See the complete list of supported languages.

Member Discounts Available

Ask about our AARP, AMAC & USAA Member Discounts.



Rated 8.9 out of 10 based on 422 reviews. See some of the reviews here.
June 20
Excellent Alarm System
Bay Alarm Medical is a very dependable alarm system. Their technicians reply at once when one presses the button to get help. Although I haven't had the opportunity to ask for real help, Bay Alarm responds at once whenever I do the monthly testing of their equipment.
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June 18
Life saver
You can't not over protect, pic the best plan!!!
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June 13
Bay Alarm Medical
Excellent customer service and products!!
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June 13
Button capabilities
I cannot answer into the little button on my necklace if I fall while outside. I don't think you offer this capability do you? Carole Fordham
Read more
June 12
We're So Relieved!
I got this for my mother, based on the incredibly positive reviews. She feels safer now and so do I. She wears the pendant all the time and I know having this has given her peace of mind, too. At 86 and living alone, it's nice to know help isn't far away. The few times we've talked to someone - during set up and once i accidentally hit the CALL button - the operators have been extremely courteous and kind.
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June 10
It affords me piece of mind.
I am not as fearful as I was. I know that help is just a push of the button away.I don't have to worry about falling and being alone for hours before someone hears me.
Read more
June 7
we love bay alarm!
My mother -in -law is safe at home, and about! Very good company to work with! I give it a thumbs up!
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June 6
Great customer service and very friendly staff.
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June 4
New Customer
While we only had the service for 3 months...during that time all was good. Cannot give too much info as we cancelled our service fairly early on...nothing wrong with Bay...just our needs changed. During our research we found Bay to be the highest rated and recommended monitoring service.
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June 4
Even a cat can use it!
A few weeks ago my cat decided to look out of the high window. He jumped onto the table, stepped on the alert light on the machine and activated it on his way to the window sill. I was outside at the time but I heard the machine "Calling for help alert". I came inside and explained to the Bay Alarm tech that I was fine and my cat activated the system. The Tech asked me a few questions and was assured I was the owner of the machine. Since my cat does not like to be told what not to do, I relocated the machine to a safer place. All is well!
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May 26
Great Experience
Very professional and everyone was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
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May 24
Still kicking.
Happily I have not had to activate the help button. No reason! Thank you.
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May 21
The patient has a great sense of relief and comfort in knowing that they are not alone even when there is no one at home. Bay Alarm is like a constant companion and makes everyone more able to resume some normal activities without fear of a loved one having a fall or needing care while they are out of the house. It is a wonderful feeling to know that care is right around the patients neck.
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May 21
Easy to Install, Thankfully No Reason To Use
Read all the positive reviews and ordering went as expected. The unit arrived quickly and was easy to install. The test went smooth. Thankfully I haven't had to use it yet but have no reason to think when and if it happens, it will all be as advertised. Customer service team is all very friendly and helpful.
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May 21
i like it
i have one question to ask i was told by some one that ever time that goes off you bill me for that i need to know if it is true please let me know
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May 12
I am very happy with the quick response and courtesy shown when I need help.
I am new to Bay Alarm Medical. When I have tested my wrist band and necklace at the end of the month they have been quick to respond and been very courteous and helpful. So far I am very satisfied with them.
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May 9
bay alarm medical
Superior customer service
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May 8
Peace of Mind
Ordering, payment and installation went very smoothly. Satisfied to date with the product. When the button was accidentally pushed, response was immediate and courteous. One small problem is the necklace itself- my mom is very petite and this button is large for her. She doesn't sleep with it on but keeps it nearby.
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May 7
Equipment Setup Easy
Setting up the equipment is easy. The device has a big red emergency button and the emergency bracelet is also well designed. Thanks for your service.
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May 6
Great response time
Have had great response time to my test calls. Haven't needed actual critical calls.
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